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Our Solutions

IT Consultancy and Network Solutions

  • Focus on Hospitality IT 

  • Game-Changing Technology for Hospitality Business

  • Network Design & Turn-key Solutions

  • Wireless Distribution & Analytics

  • IP / Digital / Interactive TV Solution 

  • IP Security

  • Server and Storage Solutions

  • CCTV Solutions

  • Point of Sales

  • Franchise Support




Disinfectants and Chemicals

  • Water Treatment 

    • Treatment of cooling -, drinking-, and process water

  • Surface Disinfection

    • Disinfectants and disinfection cleaners

  • Mould Control​​

    • Mould control & restoration of living rooms

  • Whole Room Disinfection

    • Devices and agents for surface and air disinfection by aerosols

  • Wastewater Treatment




F&B Franchise 



  • Experienced Management  for start-up franchises

  • Investment opportunities on unique and value added  F&B industry






Business Consultancy 

  • Organizational commitment to project and project portfolio management

  • PM and PPM processes, tools, and templates

  • Project portfolio decision making and governance

  • Esource management, change management, and risk management tools and practices 



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